20.10- 23.10
Exhibition OFF-Budapest


Workshop – cooperative exhibition

Venue: Nagykanizsa, Second-Hand Gallery

Workshop co-operation exhibition and guerrilla action at the Second-Hand Gallery of Nagykanizsa and the Hazai Fésűsfonó és Szövőgyár in Budapest.

The artwork of the Art Wall project is a common feature of both domestic and international communist workers alongside different skills and styles, simple and essential visual projection of critical-diagnostic sound (POSTER), and the need for frontal forwarding of the exhibition space (WALL) to the street visitor. The public poster, with its usual advertising and other lexical information, shaping, flea-planting in ears, the little devil of our fears, social phobias, the shadow of the mouthpiece of WALL ...

Participation in the Nagykanizsa workshop is conditioned upon registration, accomodation costs should be covered by the participants.

special thanks to Skhyzokhyno Studio and György Rőczei

Organizers: László Ladány(Lafu) and Syporca Whandal

Participating artists: Art Wall project creators

Participating curators:

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