28.09- 24.10


Venue: Patyolat
1082 Budapest, Baross u. 85.

The exhibition titled Holiday focuses on the work of young, Y-generation artists. For them, insecurity is a significant experience. The exhibiting artists are encouraged to enter a seemingly utopian space, where they do not have to participate in the power games of the authoritarian discourse. Actions within Hungarian cultural politics in recent years have not only made the situation of newcomers to art more difficult, but have also forced them into a position of reaction. This constant struggle is exhausting, difficult work in which individual skills and creative energies are subordinated by the power against which we define ourselves. This exhibition emphasizes the role of self-awareness, the joyfulness of art, playfulness, solidarity and free-thinking in the resistance to social-political problems.

In this case, ‘holiday’ – the institutionalized form of free-time –  does not mean idleness, a temporary break in work or escaping from responsibilities. On the contrary, we think about free time as an experimental way of life, where we can research and build alternative strategies to live outside the rules created by the system.

The show envisions an ideal future, where artistic practice and thinking are tools that are able to subvert and criticize current structures of power.

The exhibition is a coproduction of FKSE / Studio of Young Artists’ Association and OFF-Biennale Association.