MAJÁLIS – introducing lumbung members #3


19.05 4:00 pm



Tayeba Begum Lipi is an artist and co-founder of Britto Art Trust. 

Amelie Aranguren INLAND – CAR.


A discussion with Britto Art Trust, Bangladesh (Tayeba Begum Lipi), INLAND, Spain (Fernando García Dory) and OFF-Biennale (Katalin Székely)

“Majális” is the traditional celebration of spring in Hungary; throughout the month of May. There are many customs related to this period, one of which is erecting the co-called májusfa (May tree): a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings. “Majális” also refers to “Majelis”, the common decision making platform of lumbung inter-lokal, as part of documenta fifteen. With the series of “Majális” discussions, OFF-Biennale invites members of lumbung inter-lokal to present their work and to decorate our common “május-fa” with shared ideas on community, education, political agency, ecologies, urban practices, and the celebration of music, dance, and bodies.

In the context of the Majális discussion series, we will learn about the activities of Britto Art Trust  and Inland: their shared interest in their localities and their international networks, their relation towards ecological issues and we will also discuss art’s role in these discourses.

BRITTO ART TRUST (Britto, Dhaka, Bangladesh) is an artist-run non-profit collective founded in 2002. As part of the Triangle Network, an international network of artists and visual arts organizations, it has a global reach.

Britto Arts Trust is based in Dhaka, but works extensively in different locations across the country. Britto attempts to understand Bangladesh’s socio-political upheaval by exploring missing histories, cultures, and communities and collaborating with various partners.

Britto seeds and promotes multiple interdisciplinary practitioners, groups, and networks. It provides an international and local forum for the development of professional art practitioners, a place where they can meet, discuss, experiment, and upgrade their abilities on their own terms. In response to the lack of suitable educational institutions in Bangladesh, Britto functions as an alternative learning platform for many artists who have gone on to produce highly experimental work. 

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INLAND (various locations in Spain) is a collaborative agency started in 2009 by Fernando García Dory. It provides a platform for diverse actors engaged in agricultural, social, and cultural production.

During its first stage (2010 — 2013) and taking Spain as an initial case study, INLAND was engaged with artistic production in twenty-two villages across the country, nationwide exhibitions and presentations, and an international conference. This was followed by a period of reflection and evaluation, launching study groups on art and ecology, and a series of publications. Today INLAND functions as a collective focused on land-based collaborations and economies, and communities-of-practice as a substrate for post-contemporary art and cultural forms.

INLAND has a radio station, an academy, produces shows, and makes cheese. It is also a consultant for the European Union Commission on the use of art for rural development policies, while promoting a European Shepherds’ Network, a social movement to question those same policies.

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 Majális is part of the Living Room event-series.

Living Room in Budapest is a precursory event to OFF’s participation, in the frame of lumbung inter-lokal, in documenta fifteen. Living Room is realized with the generous support of Goethe-Institut.

In English, livestream via OFF-Biennale Budapest’s Facebook page