18.10- 04.11
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People Players – “Adventures, Creativity – play along!”

Venue: Három Holló Kávéház
1052 Budapest, Piarista köz 1. Entrance from Szabad Sajtó út

Similar to tribal rites and lifestyles, but also drawing on modern technologies, we will create images, masks and music instruments, which we will also play with:

  • Without paintbrushes, we will create imprints with our hands in a form of a common cave-painting
  • With the help of a special mask, everyone can turn into anyone they wish
  • We will fabricate instruments and we will play them, furthermore, we will also amplify them so that others might also hear how they sound

Finally we will make a parade with mask and instruments, and we hope that we will also use these once you are home. 

Participating artists: Ex-Artists’ Collective (Tamás Kaszás and Anikó Loránt)

Participating curators:

Leader of the program: Anikó Lóránt and Tamás Kaszás (Ex-Artists’ Collective)

Date: 3 occasions between October 16 and 15 November, 2017

Duration: 3x90 minutes, we recommend you to wear clothes that you you don’t mind getting dirty

Participants: one class

Please register at edukacio@offbiennale.hu.

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