17.10 2:00 am
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Play on! Co-Thinking about the World of Playing

Venue: Három Hét Gallery
1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 37.

Come, play with us! Experience the joy of playing! Playing helps you getting in touch with the homo ludens inside you, so that your adult self can also come to know their desires better, since playing is freedom, self-expression, spontaneity, adventurous journey, encounter, self-understanding, acceptance, and the list goes on.

When playing, one gains experience about how they co-operate and communicate with others, which can lead to a better understanding of starting and building relationships.

After the first part of the program a discussion and evaluation takes place. First things first: engage, experience, understand yourself!

Adventure time!

The program is led by active analytic therapist Dr. Andrea Duba.

The program is in Hungarian.

Participating curators:

Other participants: Dr. Andrea Duba, active analytic therapist

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