13.10- 15.10

PLAY UTOPIA, the social experiment

two-day social (re)modelling game

Venue: Karinthy Frigyes Gimnázium
1183 Budapest, Thököly utca 7.

The editorial board of the School of Free Printing, composed of students, artists, curators and teacher, is organising a social (re)modelling game in the fall of 2017.

If it was up to you what society would look like, how would you organise it? How would you like to live, learn, work, and make decisions? What principles would move society, and in what directions?

The School of Free Printing invites you to two days of sharing ideas, creating utopias, playing and learning together. During the game the participants work out in groups social models, which will then be put to test and have to be sustained or altered according to changing challenges. The documentation and learnings of the event will constitute an important input for the next publication of the School of Free Printing about utopias.

PLAY UTOPIA is a closed program. You can find information on the conditions of participation through this link.

About the School of Free Printing

The art education program School of Free Printing was launched in 2015 in the Karinthy Frigyes High School as an experiment responding to the call of tranzit.hu Artists in School. The project is inspired by the educational principles of the French libertarian educator, Célestine Freinet (1896–1966). Freinet encouraged democratic educational structures, individual or collective research in his classes, where the student and the teacher created the curriculum together, as equals. Printing played an important role in his method: school books and newspapers were published with the drawings and texts of the students.

The School of Free Printing, following this educational tradition, put printing at its heart. Each year an alternative schoolbook is published by (and for) students on a topic defined in the beginning of the year by the group. The conference will be the kick-off of the topic of the third year. We wish to provide possibilities for the students to let their voices be heard as to what and how they want to learn, to allow for individual research or working in a team, using their creativity and learning from each other.

You can find information on the conditions of participation through this link.

Participating artists: Gergely László (Tehnica Schweiz); Virág Major; Emese Váradi

Participating curators: Emese Váradi; Gergely László (Tehnica Schweiz); Virág Lődi; Virág Major

Virág Lődi and the team of the School of Free Printing: András Gombás, Réka Heszterényi, Boglárka Lutz, Judit Unger, Arife Yesilöz, Zsófia Kergyó, Sziszi Li, Eszter Farkas

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PLAY UTOPIA, the social experiment, public closing event - 15.10 2:00 am