06.10- 05.11
Exhibition OFF-Budapest

ALTERNATIVES. A cultural-community experiment

Venue: Arkt Művészeti Ellátó
3300 Eger, Gárdonyi kert, Gárdonyi Géza u. 28.

How can a creative group in today’s world find a place for refreshing architectural and artistic pastime in a small Hungarian town of Eger’s scale, characterized by general (and also cultural) emigration?
 Only if they create a suitable environment for themselves. We have created the Ellátó (Arkt Art Center) in Eger, Hungary by reinterpreting an abandoned building through social, institutional 
and industrial collaboration. We managed to make the most efficient use of only already available resources and found or donated materials, entirely without seed capital and cash flow, showing a small but emblematic example of the power of community and the will to make a difference.

The exhibition examines those artists both young and old who have local roots (relationships) and have had a significant impact on cultural life. This includes both those artists who emigrated from Hungary and those who remained, as well as the role they played in improving the community and Hungarian society.

Through these pieces, you can explore the artist’s response to their inner conflicts and the conflicts of the world (e.g. economic recession) and how their decisions could affect the cultural society. Do their choices have any effect on the working community, and if yes, in what way? Could it lead to passivity or activity in the community’s life if an artist who is known and followed by people leaves town.

Organizing institution: Arkt Építész- és Művészeti Egyesület

Supported by: Heol, Heves Megyei Hírlap, FM7, Rádió 1, EgerHírek, Szuperinfó, Líceum TV, Gál Tibor Pincészet