05.10- 09.11

Escape to the Future

5 opportunities for open, advice-seeking, live-screened interviews and visits

What would you do if you had tens of thousands of photos from demonstrations of the past few years?

If you had already given them to those who demonstrated with you and shared your fight for righteous causes? What would you do with this possession, with this viewpoint; in a space and place where freedom of press is confined? From now on, what would you do?

What would you do if you felt that fighting with images was not enough and that maybe it had never been enough?

What would you do if politics were to be radicalised, if the documenting and archiving of events were to become a weapon for suicide?  If you don’t know what your boundaries are in trying to help?

What’s the responsibility of the narrator, the creator and the maker of the images? How far can you intervene with the images you make?

If you believe that with your images and with teaching you have the right to try and make a change, make the world a better place - but you get stuck and you constantly bump into brick walls, then what would you do? Where would you turn?

I’ve reached my limits and my mission to help through my images, FreeDoc, has reached a turning point. Strengthening other national movements of democracy and transparency, not in conclusion, but rather as continuation - I am looking for a new form, and thus turn to you for advice.

Like a homeschooled student who's looking for answers from his publicly educated peers, I would like to ask for your advice. I always have numerous questions to ask. Come with me!

The series of five events will includes live screenings debates and discussions, the sharing of audio and visual books.

Let’s escape to the future!

I’m visiting Fortepan, OSA and I have a meeting lined up with New York’s Interference Archive’s activists as well as the Apabiz based in Berlin and I’m going to the Lukacs Archives as well. The politics of sharing, publicising and archiving will be discussed, secrets, intricacies and advice will be shared and knowledge will be exchanged. I’ll need your support. /Living Archive

I’ll be addressing photographers, anthropologists, documentary filmmakers who’ve witnessed the biggest struggles of humanity and have taken part in the collective struggle. I’ll ask them to help me identify the limits of creating and making and modifying. I’m looking for the deepest ethical answers. / Ethics

I would draw a conclusion with you - my audience to summarize where we are now and where we’re going, what are our aims and objectives. Are the traditional conventions of teaching adequate, are we equal partners, how can we become sustainable in the long run, what’s the best structure that we can work with? / Anti-establishment Pedagogy

Organizing institution: Freedoc /

Participating artists: Gabriella Csoszó / FreeDoc

Participating curators:

Fortepan, OSA, Lukács Archive, Interference Archive, Apabiz, Ádám Csillag, Csaba Szekeres, Andrea Pócsik, Tessza Udvarhelyi, Kata Horváth, Márton Oblath, Miklós Tamási, Katalin Törley (chamber choir), Zöld Pók, sajatszinhaz.org / Platform Art – Participatory Art Based Project, The School of Public Life, When is the time to act if not now?!, The City is for All, Photography and Activism workshop

Organizer: FreeDoc / Gabriella Csoszó
The consultant, questioner: FreeDoc / Gabriella Csoszó

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