Defrosting a public well

Public art event


01.05 5:00 pm

Supported by Summa Artium

Partner: Municipality of the IX. district

In a household without water, you have to go to a public well. The practice of fetching water means several hours of invisible work a day, in all seasons of the year. 

Although harsh winters in Hungary get shorter year by year, public wells can still freeze for months. People dependent on public wells have to heat up the pumps regularly to be able to fetch water. Defrosting a well takes around 20-40 minutes if the fire is fed continuously. Should the freezing temperature persist for longer, the practice has to be repeated on a daily basis. 

Our public art event aims to raise awareness on the challenges of accessing water, which are social and political in their nature. We demonstrate the possibilities of providing water regardless of the weather, and the challenges and special maintenance practices of households with lack of public services.