30.09- 29.10

Pedagogical Partisan Action(s)

Venue: Der Punkt
1056 Budapest, Szarka u. 7.

Thematically, Pedagogical Partisan Action(s) is inspired by and organized around two semi-forgotten, scantily analyzed experiments in art education. Both grew out from the educational context of the soft dictatorship of the late seventies and early eighties in Hungary, but fine-tuned to different socio-cultural environments: one was pursued in a well-established, centrally located elementary school, the other in a school of a rather peripheral location in Budapest.

The first was a semi-official afterschool program initiated by historian István Rév, member of the democratic opposition, and artist István Sinkó; the second was programmed and led by filmmaker Péter Forgács, following a commission from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, within the regular art education program of the school. In the exhibition an attempt will be made to evoke the atmosphere and activities of the sessions through interviews with the project leaders and the former participants (now adults in their forties). Visualizations of the research material and the collection of reference literature available in the library are intended to give an insight into the relationship between art and pedagogy in general, as well as into possible political connotations of the experiments for the audience.

In the underground spaces of the gallery, short films by two invited artists, Adelita Husni-Bey and Ane Hjort Guttu will be shown. The films are informed by alternative pedagogical theories and open the perspective of the exhibition onto spatially and temporally distant – and yet very similar - contexts. Common to the two films is a tendency of the artists to present the child as a political being – in Husni-Bey's film within the dynamic of an artificially created children's community, in Hjorn Guttu's film through the main character's fight against the traditional schooling system.

The exhibition is a coproduction of Der Punkt and OFF-Biennale Association.

Participating artists: Péter Forgács; Ane Hjort Guttu; Adelita Husni-Bey; Virág Lődi

Participating curators: Virág Lődi

Contributors/Participants/Inspirations: Péter Forgács, Zsolt K. Horváth, András Péterffy, István Rév, István Sinkó, István Jávor

opening hours: Tuesday–Friday: 2–6 pm

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