04.10- 06.10

Vanishing Points 2.0

online project

Venue: Enyészpontok tumblr

An equivocal title, a technical term used to describe linear perspective, and a synonym for fading as well, Vanishing Points is an online art project, a virtual exhibition—leaving gallery/museum spaces behind, as well as the professional discourse—striving to introduce significant, yet lesser-known locations of the Hungarian Holocaust, scenes that are part of the same story, regardless of the distance between them. At these sights, invited artists create “alternative memorials,” present in the public space only temporarily, as the website is what serves as the real medium for the exhibition, including the works’ documentations, descriptions, and short, factual summaries of the historical events associated with the locations.

The first, 2016 edition of Vanishing Points revolved around Budapest locations that were tragic scenes of the Arrow Cross rule and the German occupation. Vanishing Points 2.0 addresses the events that occurred between 1945 and 1948, a period less examined and reflected in contemporary art. During these three years—that are of historical significance—Jewish people were victims of a number of pogroms, blood libels, and lynchings all around Hungary, which today are subject to historical study at best, but not part of common knowledge.

This time, the project turns its attention from the capital to what happened in the countryside. The way Jewish survivors tried to settle back to their former neighborhood after being taken to concentration and extermination camps with the passive, or in the worst cases active, cooperation of a society much more enclosed than that of the capital, has hardly been discussed before.

Supported by Tom Lantos Institute, Lantos Foundation

Special thanks to Olivér Pammer-Zagroczky, József Mélyi

Participating artists: Sári Ember; Ferenc Gróf; Szabolcs KissPál; Antal Lakner; Csaba Nemes; Balázs Máté Tóth

Participating curators: Tamás Don

documentation: Zsuzsanna Simon, translation: Miklós Zsámboki, graphic design: Csönge Balla, education program: Bence György Pálinkás, Orsolya Barna; web: Bence Lukács, coordination / Tom Lantos Institute: Anikó Félix

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Vanishing Points 2.0, Presentation of the Project - 04.10 2:00 am