Birth of Late Birth – then and now


05.05 6:00 pm

online event

Magyar nyelven / in Hungarian

Guests: Edit Kőszegi, Péter Szuhay, Ágnes Daróczi, André Raatzsch

Moderators: Lídia Gyenes, Anna Szőke-Tóth, members of the Romakép Műhely

Workshop leader: Lili Thury

Workshop-facilitators: Kaneko Maika, Noémi Nagy, Orsolya Tóth-Gyóllai

Supported by Goethe-Institut, Visegrad Fund

The starting point of the documentary Late Birth is Tamás Péli’s famous fresco, painted in 1983 on one of the walls of the child care in Tiszadob, Hungary. The title of the film (shot in 2002) refers to the title of the fresco on one hand (Birth), and on the other, to the advent of the Hungarian Roma intelligentsia in the seventies and eighties. Charismatic figures of the successive generations of Roma artists and activists are appearing in the film either in present or on archive footages. The Roma Visual Lab, which is a critical film program at ELTE Media Department, in collaboration with the Off Biennale Budapest, organizes a screening of Late Birth and a roundtable discussion with guests, like Edit Kőszegi and Péter Szuhay filmmakers, Ágnes Daróczi, who has had a leading role in the Roma movement since the beginning, and André Ratzsch, a contemporary artist. The discussion is moderated by two university students, Anna Szőke-Tóth and Lídia Gyenes, members of the Roma Visual Lab.