FUZZY: Not Quite California Wonder


10.04 - 11.04

You are welcome to visit “Not Quite California Wonder”, an abstract greenhouse display by Fuzzy artists, Tekla Gedeon and Sebastian Gschanes. The installation engages with the changing fashion of food production and the emerging lack of diversity of crops around the world. We are interested in new ways of cultivating bell pepper and the act of care that surrounds it.

“Not Quite California Wonder” is a continuation of the ongoing research of Fuzzy focusing on Capsicum annum (bell pepper). We spent the last months exploring the role of bell pepper over time as a plant, food, industry, symbol of political power and ecological catalyst as part of our art residency at Igor Metropol. We worked in close collaboration with agricultural engineers, botanists and farmers to uncover alternative perceptions of contemporary agricultural spaces.

For the full experience of the work we open our studio for you. We want to ensure that you are in a safe environment during your visit and we will follow the governmental pandemic guidelines. Therefore, we set up a booking system to keep the number of visitors small. You can register for a visit for free here.

The event is a related program of the exhibition MENÜ imaginaire that will take place in the frameworks of OFF-Biennale Budapest 2021.

Fuzzy is a Budapest based arts studio and research practice formed by Tekla Gedeon and Sebastian Gschanes. Fuzzy creates spaces, objects and events that explore our relationship with nature and technology.