MENU imaginaire

What do you eat when resources are limited? - exhibition


23.04 - 30.05

Culinary Institute of Europe 1085 Budapest, Kőfaragó u. 13.

Nyitvatartás / Opening hours:

Csütörtök-Vasárnap / Thursday-Sunday: 14.00 – 18.00

Partners: Heroes of Responsible Dining, Igor Metropol, Clean Air Action Group (CAAG), Culinary Institute of Europe, Green Connection Association, C3

Supported by Summa Artium, Goethe-Institut Budapest, Institut français, Instituto Cervantes, Korean Cultural Centre, Austrian Cultural Forum

MENU imaginaire focuses on the future of alimentation: artists, designers, and philosophers raise questions regarding the most pressing problems of food systems. Our lifestyle and consumption habits have a significant impact on the natural environment—the presented works and the speculative hypotheses set forth by them examine the impact of human activity on the environment through the topic of eating.


Most of us develop the most intimate bond with nature while eating: after all, eating is internalizing nature. The speculative futurology projects presented in the scope of MENU imaginaire query the idea that humans can be dissociated from the environment or “nature,” regardless of place of residence or lifestyle. The works at the exhibition render global processes—which are difficult to fathom on account of their scale—imaginable through the visceral, quotidian experience of eating. The body plays a special role in this thought experiment: not only as a terrain of reception, but—even reducing itself and its consumption, utilizing its own excrement as a resource—as an indicator organism that adapts to environmental changes. The ideas of the participating artists are diverse: some positions are optimistic, some are pessimistic, some reinterpret traditions, some build on the potentials of new technologies or question their efficiency.




Venue is wheelchair accessible.

The exhibition is situated on the ground floor and there are no stairs leading to the space. Opening the main entrance, it can reach a maximum of 151 cm in width.

There are no flashing or strong light sources in the exhibition. For a few seconds the video piece ‘Love goes through the Stomach’ by NEOZOON collective contains flashing, stroboscopic visual effects.

The exhibition mediator can adjust the volume of the video works on display upon request.

For some artworks, there is seating provided, but if the visitor would require a chair to take in other artworks too, the exhibition mediator can provide one.

Some artworks have a strong scent, but it is only perceptible in near proximity to the given artwork.

Video works in the exhibition are shown in English with Hungarian subtitles.

According to regulations due to the COVID-19 pandemic visitors are not allowed to use the restrooms.

The exhibition is 300 meters away from the Rákóczi tér stop of the Metro n.4, which is equipped with a barrier-free elevator. It is 250 meters away from the Rákóczi tér stop of the tram 4-6, which is a low floor tram. For navigation around the area of the exhibition, we recommend using the app Route4U.

Directly by the exhibition space there are parking spaces at Kőfaragó street.

With other accessibility-related questions please contact us through the e-mail address to get further information.