“Those Who Are Not With Us Are Also With Us!"

Our cultural narratives, national, and historical myths have been hijacked by contemporary nationalist and far-right ideologies to serve their own political agendas. For this reason, in the scope of the XENOTOPIA publication and international conference in the framework of the Hungarofuturist (HUF) project, we attempt to reclaim for progressive thought the aesthetic and political monopoly of shaping the collective memories of the past and possible visions of the future.

The XENOTOPIA magazine was published by the Berlin-Budapest-based Technologie und das Unheimliche (T+U) creative collective and independent publisher, commissioned by OFF-Biennale. Involving numerous Hungarian and international authors, the English language publication explores Hungarofuturism in correlation with such contemporary ethnofuturist initiatives that have evolved in the (semi-)peripheries of similar social and cultural positions. On the occasion of the magazine’s launch, we will attempt to further expound on this theme with the help of the editors of the Bucharest-based KAJET and the Ljubljana-based ŠUM journals.

Organically connected to the publication is a one-day symposium titled  rA/Upture_2, organized in collaboration with the Vienna-based adO/Aptive collective. In the scope of this, we involve Hungarian and international contemporary art professionals, theoreticians, and researchers in the examination of alternative future visions, concepts and phenomena that may help (re-)restore our faith in the future in our age that can best be described as “the slow cancellation of the future.”

 Igor and Ivan Buharov’s exhibition Revolutionparabotany is realized in the scope of this project.

Participants: adO/Aptive (Janina Weissengruber & Daniel Hüttler), Matt Colquhoun, Clementine Déliss, Ulrike Gerhardt, Zoltán Ginelli, Julia Hartmann, Daniel Hüttler, Zsolt Miklósvölgyi , Petricã Mogoş, Laura Naum, Márió Z. Nemes, Amanda Piña, Tjaša Pogačar, Tamás Seregi,  Borbála Soós, Bálint Szabó, Janina Weissengruber, Gábor Wilhelm

Supported by: Austrian Cultural Forum, Goethe-Institut, Embassy of Slovenia, Institut français de Budapest, Romanian Cultural Institute 

Technologie und das Unheimliche presents: XENOTOPIA vol. 1.   

With contributions by: Mátyás Dunajcsik, Ulrike Gerhardt, László Győrffy, Mia Imani Harrison, Márk Horváth & Ádám Lovász, Daniel Hüttler, László Karácsonyi, Chazár Keresztély, Csaba Kis Róka, Zoltán Komor, Tamás Komoróczky, Zsigmond Kompolthy, LAND 3C, Zsolt Miklósvölgyi, Mahan Moalemi, Petrica Mogos & Laura Naum (KAJET Journal), Márió Z. Nemes, Mátyás Sirokai, Jake Tobin & Dominika Trapp, Suzanne Treister
Co-Editor-in-Chief: Zsolt Miklósvölgyi & Márió Z. Nemes
Art Director: Mark Fridvalszki & Marius Wenker
Graphic Design: Marius Wenker
Thanks to: Krisztina Hunya, Áron Lődi, Márk Szapora, Katalin Székely
The project was commissioned by OFF-Biennale.

Time 23.04 - 30.05