Tales of Bees

punk opera in three etudes (Based on the short story “World Bees” by Márton Illés)


16.05 7:00 pm

Participating artists: Independent Theatre

Magyar nyelven / in Hungarian

Játékidő: 40 perc

Az esemény a járványügyi helyzet miatt elhalasztva. / The event is postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Writer-Director: Rodrigó Balogh

Writer-playwrite: Márton Illés

Directing assistant: Ágnes Sarlós

Music: István Babindák

Percussion instruments: A. Máté Kovács 

Vocabulary trainer: Dávid Varga

Technical director: Tamás András Szegedi


Norbibáttya - NOrbert Oláh

Béci - Tamás Szegedi

Elza-Jázmin Bakondi

(Bé)Luka - István Babindák

Királylány - Orsolya Balogh

Supported by the Municipality of Budapest, co-financed by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, Goethe-Institut, Badur Foundation, Open Society Foundations

The mission of the shows, art actions, workshops and trainings of Independent Theatre Hungary is to find answers to the social issues and problematic situations in life that affect all of us by understanding our fellow citizens and cooperating with each other. Through the male representatives of three generations, the theatre show presents the efforts of Roma communities in gypsy settlements and cities to attain middle-class integration. The performance is greatly founded on Oláh Norbert’s simultaneous “brick wall” installation. Some of the words on the wall outline the main narratives of the show.