Aerocene: Museo Aero Solar

Aerocene Explorer is an inflatable floating sculpture that rises into the air without fossil fuels, solely using the energy of the sun and the wind.


Allegories of an Automated Present

A solo show by Vladan Joler

Whether we are talking about the meteorological phenomenon or the infrastructure of information technology, the formation processes of clouds are influenced by air humidity and atmospheric pressure. For the first type of cloud the connection is straightfo ...


Alone with Bees

The hive as an architectural object was born out of the relationship between the beekeeper and the bees. Similarly to architecture, the hive connects those living within and around it. Over time, hives have gradually ceased to replicate the form of tree ...



We reach home, turn the light and the heating on. We use hot water to take a shower and wash our clothes and dishes. We take such things for granted. But what about those who are not given access to these basic utilities and services in Hungary? How do t ...


Living Room

OFF-Biennale’s project Living Room in Budapest is a precursor event to OFF’s participation in documenta fifteen.

The OFF-Biennale Budapest team has been invited to participate in documenta fifteen, taking place from June 18 to September 25, 2022. Responsible for the artistic direction of documenta fifteen, the Jakarta-based collective ruangrupa extended invitations ...


MENU imaginaire

What do you eat when resources are limited?

MENU imaginaire focuses on the future of alimentation: artists, designers, and philosophers raise questions regarding the most pressing problems of food systems. Our lifestyle and consumption habits have a significant impact on the natural environment—the ...



Alicja Rogalska with Katalin Erdődi, Réka Annus and the Women’s Choir of Kartal

“We are not made of sugar, we are made from concrete.” (Women’s Choir of Kartal) Inspired by the rich tradition of folk culture, in particular folk singing in Hungary, NEWS MEDLEY is a collaboration between London-based Polish visual artist Alicja Rog ...



The context of the poem “A Breath of Air!”

The poem “A Breath of Air!” by Attila József was written in November 1935. Apparently, it was a time of peace and plenty: Europe—and Hungary—had overcome the crisis of the Great Depression; the order was restored. But what kind of order was it that the po ...



The exhibition of Igor and Ivan Buharov

Are plants capable of eliciting social change or inciting spiritual civil disobedience by wielding strange unknown forces?



There is no Roma Museum of Contemporary Art. But if there were, what should it be like? What kinds of artworks should it display and to whom? Based on what principles should it build its collection? How should it relate to existing Roma collections and Ro ...


The little melting pot

​“Oh you broad moat of Tihany: you were once the last hope of many a good Hungarian.” Károly Eötvös The point of departure for The Little Melting Pot is an actual strategic plan that was never carried out: during the 1849 Hungarian War of Independ ...


Transperiphery Movement

Global Eastern Europe and Global South

Can Hungarian settlers in Latin America, Cuban migrant workers in Hungary, and Afro-Asian students in Eastern Europe have a common history? Is there a shared colonial history of Eastern Europe and the Global South? The exhibition looks at the historical r ...


xtro realm presents: ACLIM!

Agency for Climate Imaginary!

Can we grasp the planetary ecological crisis through local issues? What kind of knowledge can an ecological network researcher, an environmental psychologist and an artist formulate together, which can help us understand our present and our possible futur ...


“Those Who Are Not With Us Are Also With Us!"

Our cultural narratives, national, and historical myths have been hijacked by contemporary nationalist and far-right ideologies to serve their own political agendas. For this reason, in the scope of the XENOTOPIA publication and international conference i ...