Art Mediation


“LET THEM PLAY” The projects of Inhale! are characterized by democratic knowledge sharing, critical attitude, and community-based creative strategies. The mediation programs are aligned with these principles. Our mission is to present contemporary art as something other than an abstract field that is difficult to interpret and that only engages a small social sphere. The challenge of mediation is to show how the devices of contemporary art help us in thinking about our common issues, and what kinds of creative research and problem-solving experiments are made possible by creative freedom. MORE OFF-Biennale’s 2021 projects reflect on social and ecological questions that are particularly relevant for the younger generations. Artificial intelligence, digital networks, ecological footprint, the critique of consumer culture, and the real or hypothetical possibilities of experiencing freedom and community are all such concepts that we must interpret, take apart, twist and turn, play with together with the emerging generation. This year’s theme has become particularly timely due to the difficulties presented by the previous year. The relocation of community situations into the digital space has made creative work and organizing difficult for all. The OFF-Biennale team continues to work towards offering a diversity of programs that also reflect on the current situation and are broadly accessible.


If you are interested in the programs offered by OFF-Biennale and would like to try them with your students, you are in the right place. Clicking on the link takes you to the descriptions of the various projects and some educational materials that aid your mediation activity. If you have a school group or class that you would like to bring to any of the project spaces, or if you would like to integrate any of the art projects into your online educational activity, do not hesitate to contact us. E-mail:


For all The diversity of the contemporary art projects realized at OFF, the creative ways of approaching the issues that occupy all of us provide an opportunity to offer interested school groups activities that target different age groups and involve various disciplines. Due to the pandemic, this year this can only be realized partially and via online platforms. For schools As a self-organized grassroots community, OFF-Biennale’s mediation team also reflects on the world of public education and makes an effort to develop relations with these institutions. As far as our possibilities allow, we urge collaboration with school groups, and we believe in the favorable effect of long-term partnerships. We also consider it important in the long term for the art scene to develop stronger relationships with teachers who are increasingly inclined to use visual tools in their practice while being open to interdisciplinary approaches and believing in democratic ways of organizing learning. In many cases, the projects of Inhale! bring textbook examples to life through the format and situative capacity of contemporary art, offering the possibility of learning, examining, and analyzing curricular elements of the subjects of natural sciences and humanities. Beyond one-time activities, our goal is to develop online learning materials that remain available to teachers even after the Biennale, helping and diversifying their work in the long run. For study groups OFF-Biennale considers it important to develop relations with non-formal study groups and self-learning communities outside the school system that are based on grassroots, non-hierarchical knowledge sharing and predominantly operate with the pedagogical method of learning-by-doing. The OFF team would also like to approach communities that represent the concept of education by art or are engaged with any of the topics explored at Off Biennale 2021. Our goal with this year’s program is to initiate sustainable professional dialogue and knowledge transfer between different learning communities.


Mediation team members: Coordination: Péter Forgách, Fanny Hajdú, Virág Lődi Facilitators, activity leaders: Organizations: